Unicoin is Crypto Unicorn

A Decentralized Meme Token UNC for Unicoin platform governance is issued on QuickSwap with 1 trillion max supply with 10,000 unique Power Gorilla NFTs as underlying asset which has floor price 0.1 ETH. It means the price is as low as $0.000005 per UNC now and if market price is below that you can use UNC to exchange Power Gorilla NFT as protection. QuickSwap provides secured and low cost crypto swap in between ETH and UNC and the gas fee is as low as $0.01. Unicoin app users will be allowed to deposit its Unicoin earned from daily check in later into app provided polygon wallet and trade on QuickSwap after Unicoin app users reach 100k and the base mining rate reduce is reduce to 0.24 per hour from 2.4 per hour now. Spend as less as 0.01 ETH to buy UNC from QuickSwap and join Unicoin app for free mining to earn more, let’s build Unicoin army to beat Shiba token together.

Special Offer

For bulk EZP Token purchase by amounts 1-10 ETH:Transfer ETH amount from your crypto wallet address to unicoin wallet address shown below. The amount of UCN Tokens based on $0.00005 will be transferred to your wallet address.
Unicoin Wallet Address

Unicoin. Crypto Unicorn

Unicoin Network Is A Blockchain-Based Collaborative Community Platform. Using Mobile App To Connect Millions Of Users, and Distributing Unicoin Tokens Fairly to Members. The earlier You Join, the more Tokens you earn, By simply Daily Checkin and Reminding Your Teammates to do the same.

Crypto Opportunity

Unicoin platform token for free mining by mobile app with simple daily check in.

Collaboration Model

Support team mining for maximum reward by early participants.

Community Power

Millions of mobile users will build huge Unicoin ecosystem together.

New NFT dropped

Welcome to Gorilla land!

10,000 unique powerful gorilla on opensea and floor price 0.1 ETH

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