modern and contemporary artist

Cui Zimo

the vision

from the beginning

The Unicoin platform has already welcomed a famous Chinese Asian modern and contemporary artist Mr. Cui Zimo to the platform. Mr. Cui Zimo will release a new artwork on the Unicoin platform everyday and will provide artwork and digital rights purchase via the Unicoin Calendar.

Cui Zimo

“Born in Shenze County, Hebei Province, Master Cui received his Bachelor and Master of Science and Engineering, Doctor of Art History in 1967.
In 2012 Master Cui was appointed as the chairman of the Olympic Art Conference and Art Direction Committee.
Advocating the “spirit of art, the thought of science”, “Public welfare is a new Chinese culture, love is a new culture, charity is a new life” (three new doctrines), Master Cui is a committed advocate and practitioner of the contemporary “New Chinese Learning” movement. Mr. Cui invented the “Talent “Paper”, advocating “Renaism” (Renaism) and “Slow Step Doctrine” (Sysism).
Master Cui Zimo is a contemporary scholar artist. Realm of his creativity spans many fields such as calligraphy, seal cutting, traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, porcelain, sculpture, installation, comics, photography, fables, poems, prose, essays, etc. “