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Free token reward by daily checkin

Unicoin provides free App off-device mobile mining and auto detects user’s mining status. The platform will send daily notification to inactive users to start mining again. Once they click “Start Mining”, the server will auto mine for the user for 24 hours.

Use token to bid digital artworks

Users can earn Unicoin Coins from mining and new user invitation rewards, or they can purchase Unicoin Coins with credit card or other major crypto currencies.

Use token to join artwork chat groups

The Unicoin platform hosts a unique collection community chatroom for each of the platform artworks. Artwork owners and digital rights owners can check the artwork’s related information (artwork creation background, artwork meaning, related recommendations from the same artwork series, latest purchase of the artwork, latest trading price, average collection history, updates of the creator, etc.) within the collection community.

More token reward by teammates

The Unicoin platform’s Unicoin Calendar provides artwork display, introduction and investment information along with comment and share features to users. Every day on the Unicoin Calendar will display one artwork and will link to the related artwork digital rights tokens, which can be viewed, purchased and shared by users.

Use token to promote or tip member posts

The Unicoin platform will also regularly invite joined master artists to host art sharing events in the form of online live-streaming or in-person meetups. Platform users can use Unicoin Coins to redeem event ticket and participate.

App Intelligent Notification

The platform will automatically push App notifications to users every day to remind users to start mining to earn rewards, and will recommend newly added platform artworks, popular artwork collection investment news, daily selected words of wisdom quotes, friends they might know and artworks they might like, making user experience more personalized.