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Art goes digital

Digital art means different things to different people. For art critic Joshua Drake, NFT-based work most likely lends itself to what he called “posing”: collecting

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“The constant lesson of history is the dominant role played by surprise. Just when we are most comfortable with an environment and come to believe we finally understand it, the ground shifts under our feet.” - Peter Bernstein

To Members of the Unicoin Network, version 4.6 is now available on Google Play and iOS AppStore ! This version supports transferring your NFT assets to other users, as well as bug fixes. Please visit

To Members of the Unicoin Network, Veresion 4.4 is now available on iOS AppStore and Google Play Store. 1000 replicas of each Gorilla artwork are redeemable with Unicoin tokens. Ugrade to version 4.4, and start redeeming your Unicoin Tokens for your favorite Gorilla !

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