How Unicoin Works


• Blockchain Technology commonly perceived as an obscure field reserved only for industry experts

• Average users tend to mistakenly equate Blockchain with Bitcoin, and have very limited understanding of its range of applications

• Spending significant amounts of attention and time and gaining very little in return is an issue prevalent amongst major social platforms


• Market valuation of blockchain-based technologies as well as various emerging cryptocurrencies have exploded from zero in 2009 to over one trillion dollars in 2021, and the mining community, once seen as obscure and alternative have become the largest beneficiary.

• As users are bombarded with varieties of content from social media and other sources, their attention, influence and referral network have grown to become more and more valuable, and should be properly monetized.

• Fully Leveraging social sharing and mobile phone identify verification capabilities, establish a mining community consisting of active mobile users, and steadily form a green economy of digital assets and a network of members with authenticated identity.

Solution Keys

• Key 1: Unicoin gathers millions of users on the mobile app, forming teams of miners earning tokens by daily check into app, creating an innovative economy driven by team engagement that is exponentially more valuable than that of each individual.

• Key 2: In addition to engagement generated thru daily check-ins to form authenticated mining communities, Miners are expected to exchange tokens earned for products and services, or vice versa, on the platform in order to sustain a productive ecosystem

• Key 3: Although the general perception is that blockchain applications are useful and appreciated only by professionals and experts, Unicoin’s objective is to demonstrate the use cases applicable to common users.

Model Principles

● Principle 1: When total number of users reaches 100 Million, new Unicoin token supply reduces to 0.

● Principle 2: Early participants are rewarded with higher earning rate than those that join later.

● Principle 3: Users that make contributions to the community are rewarded with higher earning rate.

● Principle 4: Core development, marketing and operations team should be properly recognized and rewarded with pre-allocated token pool.

● Principle 5: Total Unicoin token supply is a dynamic number decedent on total number of users and its growth rate.

Unicoin Token Use Cases

● Unicoin tokens can be spent on supporting user favorite posts.

● Unicoin tokens can be transferred to friends or favorite users as gifts.

● Unicoin tokens can be used to join digital artwork chat groups.

● Unicoin tokens can be used as an investment tool, to bring about value growth as platform expands and user base grows.